Agricultural Production Monroe County Pennsylvana

Monroe County farms:

Number of farms: 1945-(1,219) 1950-(884)

Average size of farms 1945-(95.3) 1950-(100.8)

Acreage in farms 1945-(116,145) 1950-(89,145)


The Rain Boy: Do you believe in the supernatural?

Do you believe in the supernatural? Or do you want to understand people
who do? It seems that various strange things have happened here in Monroe
County, and if you want to know more about that sort of thing, the Local History
Room has copies of both volumes of “ Pocono Ghosts”, a copy of “ Spooky
Pennsylvania, tales of Hauntings, strange happenings and other local lore”
(all shelved in 133.1) and a folder in the vertical file, under Supernatural and
Paranormal, about the story of the Rain Boy, who was the central character in
a story of poltergeist phenomena, especially including a sort of indoor rain that
was never explained, although it was investigated both by the local police and
by a parapsychic. All these materials can be used in the Local History Room.
The folder also includes reactions of various people on the Internet who discuss
this story. We also have copies of the books, that can be borrowed, shelved, again,
in 133.1.

Sometimes very odd things happen. Or, of course, sometimes we hear that very
strange things have happened, but no-one we know actually witnessed them, and we
don’t know what to believe. Such was the case of the “Rain Boy”. Left homeless by
the death of his grandfather, a young man was taken in by some people who lived on
Ann Street, behind the Methodist Church and across from the Driebe Freight Station
Museum. Soon a series of very strange events took place, especially involving water, or
“rain”, which sprayed around inside the house. The police were called to investigate,
also a local parapsychic. The center of the disturbance seemed to be the homeless man,
who appeared to be the victim of violent activity. There is a folder in the Local History
Room vertical file under “Supernatural and Paranormal”, which tells several versions of
the story; a chapter from the book “Pocono Ghosts”; the story of a French television crew who came to film the story for a series on strange phenomena; comments from
fans of such stories, taken from the Internet ,etc. The library also has copies of “Pocono
Ghosts”, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, and “Spooky Pennsylvania, tales of Hauntings, Strange
Happenings, and Other Local Lore”, in 133.1, both copies to borrow, and copies in
the history room. This story is covered in these books.

Submitted by Ann Kane
Reference Librarian
Eastern Monroe Public Library
Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania