Pa. Civil War Conscientious Objectors Database

Found this on The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania website.( http://www.genpa.org/CivilWarCO.html)

Pennsylvania's Civil War Conscientious Objectors Database
Introduction (Summary)
Jonathan R. Stayer, Head, Reference Section, Pennsylvania State Archives

Provided here is a database of names of Pennsylvania men who refused military service during the American Civil War for reasons of conscience--primarily religious convictions. Volunteers of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania transcribed these entries from the "Register of Aliens & Persons Having Conscientious Scruples Against Bearing Arms, 1862," (entry #3168); Records of State and District Offices, 1861-72, Pennsylvania (Part IV), Western Division; Records of the Provost Marshal General's Bureau, Record Group 110; National Archives Building, Washington, DC.

This register serves as an index to original requests for exemption on file as "Conscientious Objector Depositions, 1862" (Series #19.15); Records of the Adjutant General; Records of the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs, Record Group 19; Pennsylvania State Archives, Harrisburg, PA. In some instances, the depositions show the age and the occupation of the objector, and each one is signed by the man seeking exemption. These papers are arranged first by county and then roughly in alphabetical order by the individual's surname, similar to the entries in the Register. Copies of the depositions may be obtained for a fee from: Reference Section, Pennsylvania State Archives, 350 North Street, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0090 (www.phmc.state.pa.us).

Monroe County names:
945 Absalom Fetterman Monroe Not Given
947 Henry Houser Monroe Not Given
946 Israel Houser Monroe Not Given
948 James H Kerr Monroe Not Given
949 Ransom Labar Monroe Not Given
950 Sydenham W Palmer Monroe Not Given
951 James Teel Monroe Not Given
952 Robert Teel Monroe Not Given



In the early 1990's, Brain Hineline a life-long Pocono resident saw a need for a general magazine devoted to Northeastern Pennsylvania and founded the Mountainside in 1992. The magazine was well received by the public however not very profitable. Publication was halted after just three issues.

In the hope of saving a valuable local resource, Brian has given Eastern Monroe Public Library permission to add the Mountainside to its growing digital projects collection.
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