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Eastern Monroe Public Library
Local History Room Collection Bibliography of materials relating to Pennsylvania and Monroe County during the Civil War

HIST REF. 973.7448 Sau (V.1 V.2) Sauers, Richard Allen
Advance the colors! Pennsylvania Civil War battle flags

HIST REF. 973.4774 Pen ( V.1 V.2) Pennsylvania. Battle-field Commission
Pennsylvania at Gettysburg. Ceremonies at the dedication of the monuments erected by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to mark the positions of the Pennsylvania commands engaged in the battle.

HIST REF. 973.7448 Bat V.5 Bates, Samuel P.
History of the Pennsylvania volunteers. 1861-5.

HIST REF. 973.7448 Lin Lindbuchler, Ryan
Gone but not forgotten: Civil War veterans of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Walton, William D.

HIST REF. 973.7448 Wal “It has seamed like war today”: the Civil War letters of

HIST REF. 973.78 Gum Gumm, Marion Hobbs
Civil War letters and now

HIST REF. 974.825 Koe Koehler, LeRoy Jennings.
The History of Monroe County, Pennsylvania, during the Civil War: a
study of a community in action from 1840 to 1873

HIST REF. 973.74 Dou Dougherty, Charles Bowman
Historical souvenir of the Ninth regiment infantry, N.G.P.

HIST REF. 973.7 Boy Boyle, John Richards
Solders true: the story of the one hundred and eleventh Regiment
Pennsylvania Veteran volunteers,

HIST REF. 973.7448 Cra Craft, David
History of the One Hundred Fourty-first regiment. Pennsylvania
Volunteers 1862-1865

Web Sites

Pennsylvania in the Civil War: www.pa-roots.com/pacw/

Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War: www.pacivilwar.com

Civil War Veterans Card File, 1861-1866 index: www.digitalarchives.state.pa.us/archive.asp

Pennsylvania Conscientious Objectors Database: www.genpa.org/CivilWarCO.html

Civil War Pension Project, Pennsylvania: www.usgwarchives.org/pensions/civilwar/paindex.htm

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